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ProTow Repair Shop keeps your car running better and longer. Call us today to schedule an appointment to keep your car in great shape!


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About Us

Meet Our Team of Certified Technicians

Established in 1987, as a family-owned business, ProTow has grown steadily since then to become one of the most respected custom auto repair facilities in Naples, FL. Today, we are an ASE Certified and Dodge certified auto body shop striving to provide all our customers with exceptional service from start to finish, every time.

While our service center is conveniently located at 3863 Enterprise Avenue Unt 09, we also offer a complete line of affordable and reliable tow services. We will also take care of your car's oil changes, new tires, and other scheduled maintenance needs that need to be done now or later.

Our shop has a full in-house alignment machine, 3 lifts, and 5 bays and we specialize in Dodge cars, truck, and SUV repairs as well as maintenance services. With ProTow you get repairs done using only genuine parts from O'Reilly and our ASE certified technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art repair tools to get any job done, the right way.

From oil changes to AC repair, we are here to help! Our staff has the knowledge and tools to get everything done right the first time.

If you need auto repair work in Naples, FL, contact ProTow today!



Tom founded ProTow Repair Shop in 1987 and has since then passed it on to Junior Rojas.


Junior Rojas

Junior Rojas grew up with a passion for the automotive business from a very early age. He learned how to work on cars at 16 by watching other mechanics at a mom-and-pop shop which then motivated him to pursue further studies at an auto mechanic school (American Advanced Technical Institute).

After finishing college, Junior started gaining experience at a local auto repair shop where he specialized in all three areas of automotive repair; engine, suspension, and transmission. Fast forward a few years, Junior then moved to Fort Meyers in 2014 for greener pastures and in 2017 he quit Tire Choice and moved to work in a dodge dealership.

From here, Junior was able to save enough cash and in 2017, he acquired ProTow, which is now Naples' go-to auto repair center.

Today he is an expert mechanic who serves the automotive needs of Naples residents. As a seasoned professional, he takes pride in his work and is able to diagnose problems quickly and correctly. He values excellent service and always goes above and beyond for his customers.


Our certifications & rewards

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