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ProTow Repair Shop keeps your car running better and longer. Call us today to schedule an appointment to keep your car in great shape!


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Spring Special

Free Spring A/C Check

Buy 2 or 4 tires and get an alignment for $74.95

Military Special

10% off

military personnel, up to $50 off purchase.

(ID Required)

Get Aquainted Special

Includes 30-point vehicle

inspection, A/C performance check

and tire rotation for $114.95.

Stay cool when the heat is on!

Scheduled Maintenance

Staying on top of vehicle maintenance

including oil changes, tire rotation, and fluid top-offs, is necessary to retain its value, safety, and dependability. Diligently following your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule also helps you avoid serious breakdowns and minimize the likelihood of needing a high cost auto repair. At ProTow Repair Shop, we emphasize preventive maintenance as the smart and convenient way to keep your car running well.